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A complete guide to Facebook Organic Reach and Paid Reach

You may have heard the term “Reach” a lot in the Facebook freelance world. What exactly is “Reach”? What is Facebook’s organic reach and how does it compare to other networks? Reach is the number of people who see your post or page. Every advertisement on Facebook today has one purpose: to increase “Reach”. The third-most important point that we consider is Reach is:

People who saw your page or post on the newsfeed

People who recommended pages or posts

Friends shared your post or page and they saw it

Let’s now discuss organic reach. There are two types:

Paid reach

Organic reach

Paid reach is a term that refers to advertising. It’s when someone posts or pages to Facebook and pays to advertise.

Organic reach is the number of people reached by a page’s content that is not paid. This is an important point to understand. This is the definition of organic reach. It refers to reaching people through Facebook organic without advertising. The page owner does not have to pay anything for this purpose.

Simply put, organic reach refers to “Nature reach”, while paid reach refers to those reach that we spend money on reaching the people.

How does Facebook define “Organic Reach?”

The number of people who visited your page or saw one of your posts in the newsfeed. The most important thing to remember is that the organic reach does not include the sponsor’s ads.

Why Should We Use Organic and Paid Reach?

Why Should We Use Organic Reach?

Less expensive

What is the main benefit of organic reach? This means that you don’t have to pay the cost. If your content has good, unique, and informative then your content will be shared with people automatically. You are sharing content with people and saving money.


It is easy to establish credibility when your post is reaching people organically without spending money. Paid reach is paid advertisement. People ask questions about paid advertisements, but organic reach is more credible.


The people who shared your post on their page have made a significant contribution to your involvement. If they are interested in your content and find it informative, they will most likely share it.

Why Paid Reach is Important?

Quick Result

Paid reach is quick. Facebook advertising is a great way to reach as many people as possible quickly. This is a cost-effective way to quickly reach people. Payed reach is when you need it. If you need to reach more people in a shorter time.


Facebook offers a powerful tool called “targeting”. This power is available to you when you pay for an advertisement. You can select that your post must reach 18-30-year-olds, male or female. This power is available to you when you pay for an advertisement.


Measurability is when you show ads and convert to paid reach. Then you can measure all analytics. It is possible to see the time that most people visit my page/post. Further age-related data, such as location, may also be available.

Organic Reach Methods

Paying money can help increase reach. We also discussed organic and paid reach. We will show you how to increase your organic reach and not spend any money. Let’s look at some organic reach methods.

Content Variety

Increase “Content variety” You need to share pictures and video to see what users actually want to read. Share only relevant material users aren’t interested in reading.

Targeted Post

Find out what your user is interested in reading. If it’s Labor Day, then create a Labor-related blog post. If it’s women day, then create a post about women. However, your content variety and targeting should be strong.


Posting time is an interesting argument. You need to determine when your user has access to your content. Let’s say that we run ” Hotel Booking Company”. We were working from 8am to 6pm, but we discovered that most hotel booking calls are made at night between 7pm and 12pm. This is because most people have the time at night to plan trips and so we moved our office from 6 pm to 12 noon.

Other Links

Use share or attach links to your post. Most posts are shared forward because of informative links . You should integrate or import the links within your post.

Partner to Other Pages

Facebook will show you many pages that have high levels of automatic reach. This means they are popular and should be linked to. This will allow you to quickly increase organic reach.

Get the Right Image

Images should be related in every post and content. How do you choose the best image? It is important to do your research before you can choose the best image. Research is the best way to learn before you do anything.

Shared videos

You can increase your organic reach by sharing videos and using hashtags. Use current and popular hashtags.

Engage Viewers

” Engage Viewers” can be matched with ” Material Variety”. People will automatically engage if your content variety and quality is high. Engaging people means they will share, like, comment and share your content.

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