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Digital Marketing – A Discussion with Its Types

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Marketing book, a website, or a YouTube channel. The key point is what marketing is? Before we get into the discussion about digital marketing, let’s look at how we could miss it. Marketing will be explained using daily examples.

#1. You’re at home, and the call rings. Is this a marketing job?

#2 When you visit markets or shopping centers, you’ll see many different kinds of people selling products. Is this a marketing job or not?

You are 100% correct if you believe they are both doing marking. The first example shows the insurance company selling technology-based marketing jobs.

Let’s look at marketing.

What’s Marketing?

Marketing is made up of five processes: creating, communicating with, delivering and exchanging. Communicating means communicating, delivering means transferring something from one place or another, and exchanging means taking some things in return. These are the five core processes of marketing.

Five Marketing Method

Below is a list of five marketing processes:

Create Value


Value-based Selling

Exchange Value

Value Offering value

Creating Value

A company must go through a long process to create a product. This process was called ” Creating value”. Marketing is when a company understands what customers want and creates products.

Communication Value

Marketing is the name of communicating value. Make your own product. The product is great, but customers don’t understand what it is. After you have communicated a message to your customers, they will be more familiar with your products.

Delivering value

The third point is Delivering value. Once you have created a product, you must also communicate with the customer. After that, you need to ship the product. This is the responsibility of any company to deliver products and value to the right buyer/user, online or off.

Exchange Value

This is the most important step because it rewards both the customer and the company. We call this ” exchanging values”. This is the actual selling phase. You sell the product and receive the money. You received financial resources and the product to your customer.

Offering value

It is important that the business purpose is more than just to make money. Your ambassador will grow if they are happy. These people will recommend this company to others because they believe the products are excellent. They will tell others, which will boost your customer base.

What’s Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a process of marketing that uses technology such as email marketing, phone calls, social media marketing, and search engines.

Digital Marketing

Do you realize how much time you spend on electronic devices? It is true, Americans spend an average of 11 hours per day on electronic devices. You don’t know what you are thinking. There are only 24 hours in one day.

This is why digital marketing is so important and effective. Digital marketing is essential for success. Most people now use electronic marketing devices.

We will be discussing the most important types of digital marketing.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

8 types of Digital Marketing are used to do Marketing via electronic devices. Below is a list of the 8 basic types of Digital Marketing.

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Marketing with Quality Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads).

Social Media Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Mobile Phone Marketing

Viral Marketing

Quality Content Marketing

The latest form of digital marketing, quality content marketing, is the one that uses quality content to attract customers. Quality content has the primary goal of driving profitable customer action.

As you can see, the right side shows traditional marketing while the light side advances or digital marketing. Websites blogs, videos and E-books are all examples of content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO We all know about SEO .

The progress of any website/business is affected by organic traffic. For example, a person searching Google for a link that allows him to buy something from your site. This is digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (Google Ads)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is like when you type something into Google and see Ads sites at the top of the Google result pages. These pages and sites are ads that were purchased by the owner to be the first result. This is a type of digital marketing. This is the most popular type of digital marketing.

Social Media Digital Marketing

Social media is a vital platform for digital marketing. Did you know that over 80% of people are connected to social media websites and apps?

You can use public media to do digital marketing and increase sales. However, you must follow the right people. Reddit, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of paying for conversions. It’s like hiring a salesman to sell your product or service. The affiliate receives a commission. You decide the pace at which affiliate promoting should occur. You only get conversions.

Affiliate promoting is therefore of no direct benefit. Affiliate promoting is used by many bloggers and e-commerce websites. Affiliate promoting is a great way to promote your brand. Make sure you have all the terms and limitations in writing. You want the affiliate to represent your brand and your message. Accept the words that you want the affiliate to use. You would also like to make the deal work for your affiliate.

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the digital marketing that companies use for email marketing. You may have received emails about new products and services. All of these are Email Marketing.

Mobile Phone Marketing

Companies use the mobile phone for digital marketing. What are they used for? You will receive messages from various companies often telling you about new products or discounts.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing or selling is a type of posting that’s funny, interesting, or unusual enough to get a lot of shares online. Selling infectious agent causes a huge spike in website traffic in a short time. Although this can be difficult to do, the benefits alone make it worth the effort.

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