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Discover Efficient DNA Purification Solutions by Magen Biotech

DNA purification plays a pivotal role in various scientific applications, such as genetic research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. Magen Biotech introduces advanced solutions for the purification of DNA, enabling researchers and scientists to achieve accurate and reliable results.

Innovative Silica Column Purification for DNA Extraction

Magen Biotech’s DNA purification process is based on cutting-edge silica column technology. The process involves lysing and digesting the sample with lysate and protease, which releases the DNA into the lysate. The lysate is then transferred to an adsorption column, where the nucleic acids are selectively adsorbed on the membrane, while proteins are efficiently removed through filtration. After thorough washing to eliminate impurities, the purified DNA is eluted using a low-salt buffer.

Ensuring Reliable DNA Purification with Magen Biotech

Magen Biotech’s DNA purification solutions offer several key benefits that ensure reliable and consistent results. Firstly, the process yields a high amount of DNA with optimized protocols, allowing for maximum recovery of free DNA fragments (>50bp). Secondly, the low elution volume results in a high concentration of nucleic acids, ideal for downstream applications. Thirdly, the innovative low alcohol binding method employed by Magen Biotech effectively eliminates inhibitors and protein contaminants, providing DNA of exceptional purity. Lastly, the silica gel column purification technique enables DNA recovery at the level of picograms, ensuring minimal sample loss.


Magen Biotech’s commitment to excellence is evident in their DNA purification solutions. With their innovative silica column technology, researchers and scientists can streamline their DNA purification process, obtaining high-quality DNA for various applications in molecular biology, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Trust Magen Biotech to deliver efficient and reliable solutions for your DNA purification needs.

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