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Electronic Shelf Edge Labels from Hanshow are Transforming Retail

Hanshow, a leading innovator in the retail industry, has introduced a game-changing solution in the form of electronic shelf labels and digital price tag. Hanshow’s ESLs contribute to a more sustainable retail environment. By eliminating the need for paper labels, retailers can significantly reduce paper waste and promote eco-friendly practices. Hanshow’s electronic shelf edge labels are equipped with long-lasting batteries and energy-efficient displays, further minimizing their environmental impact.


One of their flagship products, the Hanshow LUMINA AQUA D1, sets the standard for one-sided LCD screen ESL solutions. Unlike traditional paper labels, these LCD electronic shelf edge labels offer a highly efficient and accurate labeling solution while providing a visually stunning display.  With the integration of cutting-edge technology, retailers can transform their stores into modern retail spaces that captivate customers’ attention.


Taking ESL technology to the next level, Hanshow presents the LUMINA AQUA D2. This ESL model features full-color, double-sided LCD screens and an integrated design that optimizes display space. By doubling the possibilities, Hanshow empowers retailers to enhance brand recognition and significantly increase visibility compared to traditional ESL solutions. The dynamic and vibrant displays on the LUMINA AQUA D2 capture customers’ attention, enabling retailers to effectively communicate product information, promotions, and pricing in real-time.


Hanshow’s electronic shelf edge labels revolutionize the retail landscape by offering efficient, accurate, and visually striking solutions. With the LUMINA AQUA D1 and LUMINA AQUA D2 models, retailers can create immersive shopping experiences, increase brand visibility, and improve operational efficiency. Embracing this innovative technology not only enhances the customer experience but also aligns with sustainable practices, making Hanshow’s ESLs a win-win for retailers and the environment.

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