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Elevating Precision: Benewake’s TF02-Pro Tof Lidar Sensor for Diverse Applications

Benewake continues to set new standards in LiDAR technology with the introduction of the TF02-Pro, a highly sophisticated tof lidar sensor designed for a variety of industrial applications. Building upon the successful foundation laid by its predecessor, the TF02, the TF02-Pro enhances every aspect of performance—from extended range and reduced blind zone to improved power efficiency and accuracy. These upgrades make the TF02-Pro an invaluable tool for sectors such as drone navigation, intelligent transportation, smart parking solutions, and precision agriculture.

Enhanced Range and Accuracy

The TF02-Pro stands out with its ability to deliver accurate distance measurements up to 40 meters, a significant improvement over previous models. Its minimum blind zone has been reduced to just 10cm, allowing for close-range accuracy that is critical in congested environments. The device supports a high measurement frequency of up to 1000Hz, ensuring rapid response times and consistent performance under various operational conditions. This makes the Benewake TF02-Pro particularly effective for applications requiring precise and reliable data in real time.

Robust Design for Harsh Environments

One of the defining features of the TF02-Pro is its durable construction, which adheres to the IP65 standard for protection against dust and water ingress. This high level of resilience ensures that the TF02-Pro can operate effectively in outdoor environments and under challenging conditions, making it suitable for use in fields like smart agriculture where exposure to elements is common. Additionally, the innovative use of ABS and PC materials for the casing enhances the device’s strength and durability, further solidifying its role in demanding applications.


Benewake TF02-Pro represents a major leap forward in tof lidar sensor technology, combining advanced features with robust construction to meet the demanding needs of modern industries. With its extended range, high frequency, and strong environmental adaptability, the TF02-Pro is poised to enhance efficiency and reliability in applications ranging from drone altitude control to intelligent transportation systems.

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