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Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency: OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Computer Carts

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficient data management is paramount. OEKAN Furniture‘s Medical Computer Carts, including the versatile Notes Trolley Compact, offer a seamless solution for the secure and hassle-free transportation of vital medical files and equipment.

Tailored to Fit Your Space and Needs

Recognizing that every healthcare facility is unique, OEKAN Furniture provides two sizes of the small medical trolley, ensuring it can be accommodated in any available space. Choose between a wider version for enhanced storage capacity and a narrower version for more compact settings.

Enhanced Mobility and Functionality

The Medical Computer Carts are equipped with four 125mm castors, two of which are braked, ensuring smooth and secure movement within the healthcare environment. Additionally, the sliding top feature adds extra workspace, enhancing functionality and convenience during medical procedures and file management.

Safety Meets Efficiency

OEKAN Furniture prioritizes both the safety and efficiency of healthcare operations. Their Medical Computer Carts provide a secure and organized means of transporting sensitive medical files and equipment, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining daily workflows.


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, efficient data mobility is a non-negotiable requirement. OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Computer Carts, including the Notes Trolley Compact, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. From their space-saving design to enhanced mobility and security features, these carts are a vital asset in ensuring seamless healthcare data management. Trust OEKAN Furniture to provide you with innovative solutions that simplify your daily operations and prioritize the safety and efficiency of patient care.

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