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For non-technical people, digital marketing skills that work for them

This article will discuss some basic digital marketing skills that are accessible to non-technical individuals. What are the essential digital marketing skills? This section will discuss the most important and basic skills you need to be a digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Skills

Every freelancer should have some important skills. What digital marketing skills are required? These skills are useful for freelancers or clients. We will be discussing 8 digital marketing skills that are essential for all types freelancers. These skills are crucial if you want become a successful freelancer.

Community Management

The first skill, Community Management is essential. This means to manage a group. The mobile phone company has 2 million members,how do I know? They have over 2 million Facebook likes. The company has 2 million followers who follow it and then wait for them to post new content to their Facebook page.

You are the representative for this company as a freelancer. You will be informed by the company that we have something to post on Facebook.

Skills for

This is part of community management. However, not everyone can post skills. You must be organized when posting. It is important to know when and to whom you should post.

Advertising Skills

Advertising is what do you really mean? Is advertising TV advertising? “NO” means that advertising does not refer to TV advertising. It also refers to how other people can be sold products and how to advertise.

YouTube advertising is a different platform than Facebook. You will need to have different skills.


This word means sales. You can transfer your skills to digitally if you are a good salesperson in real life. You can sell on many sites, but you need to have selling skills.

Performance Measurement

Next is “Performance Measurement”, which is where most marketers forget that we must measure what we do, and measurement is an essential part of our lives. I suggest that you have performance measurement skills.

To let the client know how important the work is and how you measure it.

Client Dealing

Client dealing is actually just ” Morality”. How do I talk to my client? You will be a better digital marketer if you have a deeper understanding of the client.

Ad Creation

While “Ad creation” falls under the umbrella of “Posting Skills”, and “Advertising Skills”, there are many skills you will need.

Blog Creation

What do you think of the Blog Creation? Blogs are websites or webpages that are managed informally and post content on similar topics and ideas. This is what I said about Facebook, while I was referring to the ” Community Management”, which is not Facebook. Facebook is a pre-designed platform in which different types of companies can be found.

Blogs are websites that a company creates for its customers and then shares that content with them. You are responsible for creating blogs as a freelancer in digital marketing. This includes knowing how to create blogs, where to place a blog and what to post. It will be read by more people and help the company.


You were taught about various skills. Make a list and match it with the jobs I’ve already mentioned in this article: Freelancing: Digital Marketing. You will be able to identify the skills that are required for each job, and then you can learn them.

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