How to select and manage projects in digital marketing

How to select and manage projects in digital marketing. This is a job worth Rs 50,000. What can I do to make it work? I will shop new and fix my bike. Why? Because I have the money. Because the client gave me 50,000, which is quite a large amount for me. I am very happy with this amount.

You will need to create a website if you are going to spend this amount. Also, you must create a social media account to manage the community and sell. Now I am wondering if this is the right time to think about it. Instead of focusing on the amount, learn about the project details.

Tips to Select Project

This section will discuss how to attach risk and money, and create a project that is less risky and earns you less money. These are important things to consider before you choose a project.

Required Rate

You must first determine what your minimum rate is. This is the minimum amount that you will need to complete the project. It is up to you to find it. Look at your time and assess your skills. Then, imagine how much I could do the job for less.

Market Rate

The Market rate is the second. It is important to know the market rate. Look at the websites that offer freelancing, and then look at industry experts to see what they charge. Because you need to determine the market rate for your project, it is important to compare the market rate and the required rate.

Clearly and Task

After doing your research, you will need to list all the tasks you are required to complete in the future.


If you do your research well and write it down, you will see my self-assessment at the end. How can I do this work? Which days can I complete it? Then, go to the market to talk with clients.


You must also consider the risk. Sometimes you choose a high-risk project that is hard to complete. You will feel pressured and will not be able to finish the project. Digital marketing websites that are free to be used must be considered.

Unknown Timeline

The risk is contained within the ” Disclosed Timing “. You were not given a timeline for the project by the client. I did not tell you how long it would take. These types of projects are unacceptable.

Unrated Clients

Avoid ” Unrated clients” and do your research on clients, their projects, and how much they are paid. These things will help you realize that money isn’t the only thing important. You can be a digital marketer by selecting the project with matching money and risk.

Manage Quantity and Quality Projects

The company charged a lot to create the product. We should buy products from them as they have managed to manage well. Management is the most important thing in freelancing and digital marketing. You need to remember this. We will also discuss how to manage both quantity and quality digital marketing projects. Let’s look at some other related points.


Research is the first thing I emphasize. This is because in this age of the internet research is as important as ever. You must do proper research before you start any project on digital marketing and freelancing. Look at the work of other companies, then learn from them and pass this knowledge on to your clients.


This means to make a plan and see how I can do my job in the given time. You must have a plan before you can do anything. This will bring you the greatest benefits.

Written Plan

We now discuss the written plan. Many times, we forget about the written plan after we have completed a digital marketing job for freelancing websites.

This is because we work on computers so we need to write. A written plan that includes time will allow you to see what work you did at what times and on what days, and what work you need to do next. A written plan is vital.


The importance of feedback is a key factor in improving project quality. In the future, it will also increase quantity. Because clients trust you, you will get more projects. Listen to your clients and customers.

Be Realistic

Do not let reality distract you. Always see the reality. Reality is very important in terms of time and workload. Do not do this. If you take on more work, you will make more money. You must manage both the quantity and quality of your projects.

Project Detail

It is important to have a project detail requirement. Create a document about the project details and send it to your client. Once you get his approval, This client would like to have a brief conversation with the client at the start of the project to discuss what the work is, how it is done, and the time it will take.


A schedule is essential for digital marketing project management. You must have a plan for a month of postings on Facebook.


The main thing is that we often forget to take a vacation. This is something that is vital for quality and quantity. It doesn’t really matter how long you’re not working. You will feel refreshed and ready to go when you return from vacation.

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