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Introducing Londian’s V Series Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Batteries

Londian’s V series commercial and industrial energy storage battery stand as robust and dependable low-voltage energy storage solutions meticulously crafted to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and industrial settings. Infused with advanced lithium-ion phosphate technology, these batteries offer an exceptional combination of high energy density and long cycle life, positioning them as the ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize energy costs and reduce environmental impact.


With capacities spanning from 2.4kWh to 5.12kWh, Londian’s V series commercial and industrial energy storage battery guarantees reliable backup power during outages or peak energy demand periods in commercial and industrial applications. Their versatility extends across a spectrum of use cases, including residential solar systems, commercial and industrial energy storage, and off-grid power systems, ensuring adaptability to diverse energy needs within these sectors.


Londian introduces the Rapid Connection System (RPC), a pioneering innovation designed to streamline the installation process of home energy battery systems. With the RPC system, installing a home energy battery system becomes swift and effortless, requiring just a few minutes.

Experience the benefits of the RPC system

Efficient Installation: The RPC system’s streamlined design enables rapid installation of commercial energy storage batteries systems, enhancing operational efficiency.

Plug & Play Convenience

Featuring in-built Busbars and an integrated wiring system, installation becomes as straightforward as plug and play. The absence of additional wiring simplifies the process, saving both time and costs.

Enhanced Efficiency

The RPC system ensures a fast and efficient setup, allowing users to swiftly harness the benefits of their home energy battery system without delay.


Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, Londian‘s V Series commercial energy storage batteries, coupled with the innovative RPC system, offer unparalleled performance and convenience. Embrace the future of energy storage with Londian and embark on a journey towards cost-saving and sustainable energy solutions.

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