Introducing New88 Lottery with Great Winning Rate

New88sg Lottery is a prize-hunting entertainment playground with super generous winnings, meeting the economic needs of many bettors. So have you tried it yet? What’s interesting about this category, what types of bets are popular, and is the winning rate really high? Stick to the information after the word New88 To understand more about this game!

What’s interesting about New88 Lottery?

Lottery is a type of prize hunting that is quite familiar to many longtime bettors, however when you come to New88 you will experience extremely attractive and interesting incentives. Currently when playing at this house, you will be able to try many forms such as: 3-region XS, Sieu Toc, Thai, Vietlott, Keno,…

The quality of the lottery floors is tested and highly appreciated, enough to meet the betting needs of bettors. The generous reward ratio is 1 to 99, ensuring many opportunities to get rich for new players.

At the same time, the playground also regularly releases promotions, helping bettors increase the opportunity to increase the value of their wallets. This is also a super safe lottery playground recognized by international law, all your information will be 100% confidential. So what are you hesitating about? Don’t sign up to participate in the experience right at the playground. Let’s see more detailed New88 Lottery introductions below this article!

Friendly interface

New88 Lottery is invested in designing a very high-quality interface, every lottery hall is carefully adjusted to every detail. Priority placed in the center of the home page interface, new users can easily search and access quickly. The types of investment and reward hunting are also reasonably arranged, making it easy for players to choose. In particular, the main color background is green, making players feel comfortable, this is also a plus point that you cannot find anywhere else.

There are all kinds of Lottery bets

When participating in the Lottery at this house, players will experience many types of prize hunting, fully gathered such as:

  • Lottery for 3 regions (North-Central-South).
  • Vietlott: Includes Mega 6/45; Max 4D and Power 6/55.
  • Super Speed: 1 minute, 5 minutes.
  • Keno: 20 numbers, 10 numbers.
  • Thai XS with 3D format.

Lottery players can freely choose their favorite types and invest money to hunt prizes. Surely the payout rate here will not disappoint you, so grab the lucky opportunity to change your life now!

Bonus rate 1/99

The payout ratio is one of the goals that lottery players aim for. Many players believe that this is a golden playground that brings great fortune, just bet 1 to win 99 times the reward. This plus point also causes the number of members participating in the playground to increase rapidly, always setting new records when summarizing the quarter. Let’s take a look at the top prizes from special to super huge 3rd prize at New88 Lottery!
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Types of XS and prize values Lottery 3 regions  Mega 6/45 Power 6/55 and Max 4D Super Speed ​​1 minute Super Speed ​​5 minutes Keno 20 numbers Keno 10 numbers Thai XS with 3D format
Special Prize 2 billion 2 billion 30 billion


40 million 100 millions 2 billion 1 billion 4 million Baht
Best 30 millions   10 billion 3 billion 20 million 50 millions 100 millions 20 million 800.000 Baht
Second 15 millions 3 hundred million 1 billion 10 million 20 million 20 million 10 million 40.000 Baht
Not 10 million 30 millions 400 million 4 million 10 million 10 million 4 million 20.000 Baht

Attractive promotions, quick payouts

Besides the super attractive reward rates, New88 Lottery also issues many other promotions to express gratitude to customers. Especially on the occasion of welcoming the year of Giap Thin 2024, the playground has organized many attractive benefits such as:

  • Instant bonus of 1 million VND for members with new accounts depositing money for the first time.
  • Free Lottery betting tickets for the first deposit.
  • Losing bets will be refunded immediately with 10% of the bonus value.
  • Bonus 500 thousand when players perform weekly deposit tasks at the house.
  • Launching a lucky draw program with super high value.
  • 10% bonus for bettors when playing Super Speed ​​XS.
  • 5% cashback when playing XS Keno.
  • Exception to increase the value of special prizes for experienced lottery players in Lottery 3 regions of North, Central and South.

Along with many other great deals, about to be announced in the near future, you should pay attention to the rules and effective time of the promotion to quickly receive many gifts. All of this money can be withdrawn or carried away to earn interest.

The above article has updated standard information about New88 Lottery. If you are passionate about this prize hunting category, please take advantage of the prize hunting opportunity right away. Wishing you success in getting rich soon with this game!

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