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NIC Dental’s Safe Endo Files for Precise Dental Endodontics

NIC Dental is a trusted name in the field of dental endodontics, providing a comprehensive range of safe endo files designed to enhance precision and efficiency during endodontic procedures. Among their exceptional offerings, the U+ FILE stands out as a top-quality dental endo file and NITI rotary endodontic file. This article explores the key features and benefits of the U+ FILE, focusing on its ability to shape the apical 1/3 with finisher (F1, F2) and its suitability for regular canal preparation.

 Precise Apical Shaping with Finisher Files

The U+ FILE by NIC Dental offers dentists the ability to shape the apical 1/3 with finisher files (F1, F2). This advanced feature ensures precise shaping of the most critical portion of the root canal, resulting in optimal treatment outcomes. The finisher files are designed to effectively remove any remaining debris and refine the canal shape, promoting thorough cleaning and disinfection.

 Streamlined Treatment Sequence: SXS1-S2F1/F2F3/F4/F5

NIC Dental’s U+ FILE follows a streamlined treatment sequence that enables dentists to achieve consistent and predictable results. The treatment sequence involves creating straight-line access to the canal orifice (SX), shaping the coronal 2/3 (S1, S2), and then proceeding to shape the apical 1/3 with finisher files (F1, F2). If necessary, dentists can further refine the canal using F3, F4, or F5 files. This systematic approach ensures efficient and thorough canal preparation.

 Versatile and Suitable for Regular Canal Preparation

The U+ FILE is a versatile dental endo file that is suitable for regular canal preparation. With a size of 2.0, the U+ FILE provides excellent flexibility and cutting efficiency, making it ideal for a wide range of root canal morphologies. Dentists can rely on the U+ FILE to achieve consistent results in various clinical scenarios, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes for their patients.


NIC Dental’s U+ FILE is a safe and reliable choice for dental professionals seeking precision and efficiency in endodontic procedures. With its ability to shape the apical 1/3 with finisher files (F1, F2) and its suitability for regular canal preparation, the U+ FILE empowers dentists to deliver exceptional dental care. By incorporating the U+ FILE into their practice, dental professionals can achieve predictable treatment outcomes and ensure the best possible oral health for their patients.

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