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Optimizing Wireless Testing with Sunyield Antenna Chambers

When it comes to wireless technology development, precision and efficiency are paramount. Sunyield‘s cutting-edge antenna chambers have become a cornerstone in achieving these goals. These chambers offer a powerful combination of features, making them an indispensable tool for businesses involved in wireless device testing.

Sunyield’s antenna chambers are designed to deliver FasterMeasurement, providing a symmetrical distribution of probes. This design ensures that a 3D measurement of objects is possible with just a 180-degree horizontal rotation, even under normal circumstances.

Real-Time Insights with Sunyield

In the world of wireless technology, real-time data can make all the difference.      Sunyield’s antenna chambers provide a Real-time display, offering active and passive directivity diagrams, active power, and sensitivity information in real time.      This feature means that during testing, you can instantly visualize how your device or antenna is performing.

Unmatched Versatility and Compatibility

Wireless technologies span a wide range of frequencies and standards, and Sunyield’s antenna chambers are here to meet those diverse needs. These chambers support active measurements for 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth within the frequency range of 650MHz to 6GHz. Plus, they can be upgraded for passive measurements in the same frequency band and extended to cover the 6GHz-18GHz range.


Sunyield’s antenna chambers are the perfect companion for businesses in the wireless technology sector. The FasterMeasurement capabilities, real-time insights, and outstanding compatibility ensure that your testing processes are both efficient and precise. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s the right time to express appreciation for the advanced technology that Sunyield brings to the table, making wireless device testing smoother and more reliable than ever before.

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