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The Power of Digital Marketing – Its Benefits

This article will discuss the “power and potential of digital marketing”. What is digital marketing? Why are companies so hesitant to use it?


Let me first show you a scenario where you are an employee at XYZ. There are sales positions. Your boss suddenly assigns you the task of ensuring that people enjoy the new restaurant’s food. What salary will they pay for it?

There are three options available that will help you answer boss questions.

You can invite up to five people to the market to get their feedback about the restaurant.

You can also call a friend who works in a restaurant to get his feedback about the restaurant. This will help us determine how our customer likes our food and what he is able to pay for our restaurant.

You can also go outside the office to get feedback from customers about the restaurant.

Is there a correct solution to this situation? This is what I will reveal at the end of this topic.

Let’s look at the statistics. According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 7.4billion people worldwide in 2017. 3.4billion of these are connected to the Internet. 2.7billion use social media every day.

However, mobile technology is becoming more popular. The world currently has 4.9billion mobile users. 2.5billion people use social media and mobile technology for digital. This was the range, it is the number of people who could become potential customers or clients for your company.

Power of Digital Marketing

How can digital marketing be a powerful tool for achieving these benefits?

Global Reach

It is a vast world, and many people are connected via digital technology. The company only needs to click once to send your message.

Personal Marketing

If I like a T-shirt and I am watching a Facebook video, the company can choose that I like Tshirts and show me which T-shirts should be added. I will then go to your website to purchase them.

Customer Engagement

Engage customers, which is when a customer visits a website or watches a video. How can you motivate and engage customers to ask questions? If the customer asks questions, it will establish a strong connection that will lead to a strong relationship.

Content Variety

The company was required to produce any commercials on television. This was too complicated and time-consuming.

Today, companies don’t need to go through the old method if they want to display ads. A company can deliver content to customers 30 days per month. Digital Marketing gave us the ability to deliver a wide variety of content.

Sales Conversion

After you’ve completed all the steps, the next step is ” Sales” where the company can sell digital technology.

Reduction in Cost

To me, the ” cost reduction” is the biggest contributor to all digital technology. Companies who advertise through billboards pay a separate fee. Digital technology costs are much lower when compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing and digital technology offer the greatest advantage.

We now move on to the three questions I asked you. If your answer was one of these options, then you are not yet a digital marketer. These options are not available to me. You should answer that I will use Facebook, twitter, or any other digital media to receive feedback from my customer.

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