Three steps to grow your beard. While you’re at it, try some beard oils

Uncle is someone we all see only a few times per year. His beard remains the same ugly mess every time. His wife, his mother, cousins and our mother ask him when he will change it up. He always gives the same answer. He is letting his hair grow. You say, “Okay.” Only Uncle Bob’s mustache is the same length as it was ten year ago. Don’t be Uncle Bob. Follow these simple steps to grow your beard and to purchase.

!!1. Deep Clean

You can wash your beard with water and soap, but it’s one thing to do. It’s another to deep clean your chin hair using all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients that exfoliate and revitalize clogged pores. A combination of ingredients may be used to clean your beard. This could include Vitamin B5 and keratin.

To deep clean your beard:

Warm water is used to rinse the mouth.

To create a thick lather, add a quarter of your high-quality shampoo to the mixture.

Rinse thoroughly until the shampoo is completely gone

Repeat if necessary.

Men’s beard style is created by shaving your entire face, excluding the area around the mouth, or leaving a small amount of hair on the chin and shaving the rest.

!!2. Condition & Rejuvenate

Condition your beard to ensure a healthy and flourishing beard. This step is often skipped by men who think a neat beard is enough. A good conditioner will not only give your hair shine and moisture, but will also help to restore strength and life to unmanageable strands. For true growth and good health, revitalization is always a must.

To condition your beard:

You must thoroughly rinse out any cleanser

Apply a small amount of premium conditioner to damp hair and massage it into your skin.

For a deeper condition, rinse immediately or let it sit for a while.

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!!3. Keep & Nurture

While deep cleaning and conditioning your hair are important, there’s always room for improvement, especially when it is about growing thick, full beards. You can nurture your beard with a little bit of a superior balm or pomade, like the Bossman Brand. Also, keep it neat and tidy by visiting the barbershop a few times per month.

How to maintain and nurture your beard.

After conditioning and washing your beard, dry it using a moisture-wicking tee-shirt or another non-drying material

Apply a quarter-sized amount beard oil to your hair and chin.

Massage it and brush your beard to moisturize.

At your local barbershop, get routine cuts of dead/split ends

These three steps, which include using beard oils, will ensure that you don’t look like Uncle Bob, who couldn’t and wouldn’t grow his beard. Instead, your dashing good looks, thick, healthy beard will amaze the entire family.

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