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VTCBATT: Empowering Home Energy Storage with Superior Lithium Batteries

VTCBATT, a renowned lithium battery manufacturer, is revolutionizing the home energy storage battery industry with their cutting-edge solutions. With a strong focus on quality, innovation, and affordability, VTCBATT has become a trusted name in the market. Their expertise lies in developing advanced lithium batteries that are specifically designed for home energy storage applications.

Unleashing the Power of Home Energy Storage Batteries

VTCBATT’s flagship product, the Vxl10000 Rack Mount ESS Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery, is a testament to their commitment to excellence. This lithium battery is built with advanced lithium iron phosphate technology, ensuring superior performance and longevity. With a rated voltage of 51.2V and a capacity of 200Ah, the Vxl10000 offers an impressive cycle life of 6000+ times at 80% DOD. Its compact size of 442*520*320mm makes it suitable for various installations.

Versatility and Compatibility for Seamless Integration

The Vxl10000 Rack Mount ESS Battery is not only ideal for home energy storage but also finds applications in commercial sectors. It seamlessly integrates with popular hybrid inverters, including Goodwe, Victron Energy, and Growatt, among others. This compatibility ensures a hassle-free setup and enhances the overall efficiency of the energy storage system. Moreover, the battery’s communication compatibility with mainstream inverter manufacturers further simplifies the integration process.


As a leading lithium battery manufacturer, VTCBATT continues to drive innovation in the home energy storage battery market. Their Vxl10000 Rack Mount ESS Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery stands out for its exceptional performance, longevity, and versatility. With their team’s dedication to delivering the highest quality solutions, VTCBATT has earned the trust of residential and commercial customers alike. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient home energy storage solution, VTCBATT is the brand to consider. Experience the power of VTCBATT and unlock the true potential of your energy storage system.

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