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What is Digital Media and its Features

Nowadays we hear that now is the time for technology and digital media, and marketing is nothing without this. But the question is that what is actually digital media?

In this article, we will talk about digital media and also know its impact on marketing, its features, and examples. Let me ask you 3 questions before discussing this.

#1 you are watching videos on YouTube and suddenly there is an ad show about mobile. My question to you is this Is the mobile company delivering its message to you through digital media?

#2 The mobile phone is in your pocket and all of a sudden the call comes; you receive an SMS when you take it out of your pocket. SMS about the AC, “If you have AC in your home, we will provide the service and also provide the repair”. My question to you is this that Is the AC-making company delivering a message to you through this media?

#3 it’s a very important example: if you observe that you are watching update on Facebook about friends or a famous celebrity, suddenly you see a small advertisement on your pc or tablet screen, and the advertisement is about the University that “Best university in town, please click here for admission” like this. My question to you is this that Is the University proper delivering message to you through this?

Friend the answer to all these questions is that “Yes”, all of these are delivering a message through digital media, all of these the example of Digital media.

So let’s take a look at the definition of Digital Media.

Digital Media

Digital media refers to audio, video, photos, or textural content that has been encoded using a computer and can be transmitted digitally to people.

For more detail visit Wikipedia.

Features of Digital Media

The definition is very simple but difficult to understand of his features. There are three digital media features.

Mass Reach

Mass reach means the company can reach the message to people with one click, whether it’s through YouTube or Facebook.


Interactivity means the customers or audience can provide feedback on the spot at publishing content, that is, they can interact with you.

Social Networking

It’s a very interesting type of feature, which means people can create community forums based on passion.


Let’s take look at the examples, to improve our understanding of digital media.

Social Media Platforms: The company can reach out a message to people through social media, and what platforms come in social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more.

Websites: The company puts the content or message on websites in which the customer or audience can view the message of the company and interact with them.

Blogs: Blogs are actually those websites or forums that people, customers, or audiences create on the base of own passion. For instance, your passion is photography in which the camera-making company can deliver a message through this kind of blog.

Emails & SMS: The last example is “Email & SMS” that we used in daily life, I gave the example on SMS at the start, we received daily emails that consist of company ads that you liked then you reply.

At last, you often see on television that companies are adverting, this is also an example of this.

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