Enhancing Airport Efficiency with Pteris Global’s Cargo Handling System

As air travel continues to grow, so do the demands placed on airport logistics systems. One key area that requires efficient and effective handling is cargo. This is where Pteris Global, a global integrated solution provider, steps in with its advanced cargo handling system.

Introduction to Pteris Global and its Airport Logistics Solutions

Pteris Global has over 30 years of experience in aviation equipment manufacturing and has developed an automated baggage handling system that includes check-in, collection, conveying, identification, sorting, temporary storage, and retrieval of equipment. By utilizing the latest technologies globally, Pteris Global’s cargo handling system can meet the full set of processes such as departure, arrival, and transit temporary storage of airport luggage.

The Benefits of Automated Cargo Handling Systems

The benefits of automated cargo handling systems are numerous. First and foremost, they increase efficiency by reducing the time required for manual labor and minimizing errors. In addition, they improve safety by incorporating contactless sensors and safety radars to prevent accidents. Lastly, automated cargo handling systems are flexible, allowing for modifications to be made as needed to accommodate changes in airport logistics demands.

Case Studies: Successful Implementations of Pteris Global’s Cargo Handling System

Two successful case studies of Pteris Global’s cargo handling system include the Beijing Daxing Airport and the Pudong Eastern Airlines Air Cargo Depot. Both airports utilize Pteris Global’s cargo handling system, improving their overall cargo handling efficiency and increasing throughput.


Pteris Global’s cargo handling system is a game-changer in the airport logistics industry. Its technological advancements and flexibility make it the ideal solution for airlines looking to improve their cargo handling operations. With its dedication to providing engineering solutions of the highest quality and standards, Pteris Global is the go-to brand for airport logistics solutions.

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