Football Over/Under and 07 Most Popular Calculation Methods in the Betting World

Football Over/Under always brings those who are passionate about “golden” sports and love betting new opportunities to get rich. In this article, we will help you answer what Over/Under in soccer is, how to calculate popular Over/Under odds in soccer, as well as how to participate at the bookmaker. New88today

In addition, we can also refer to the experience of playing Over/Under betting in “undefeated” football. From there, helping players gain interesting knowledge and tips for their upcoming exciting bets.

What is the concept of Over/Under football?

What is Over/Under football is a concept that many people are always interested in. With this concept, it can be understood as a popular betting bet in football. The appearance of Over/Under bets is quite diverse, you can find them in many different large and small tournaments and bring attractive betting odds.

Currently, more and more people choose Over/Under betting to help themselves have an interesting experience in online football matches. Besides, the easy rules and fast amplitude also contribute to increasing the impression in every match.

In it, the house will give the final prediction rate of the two teams, players need to bet on Over or Under. Usually there will be 2 cases as follows:

  • If the team’s scoring result is higher than the bookie’s prediction, the person who bet on Over wins.
  • If the team’s scoring result is lower than the bookmaker’s prediction, the person who bet on Under wins.

During 90 minutes, players can monitor developments and flexibly bet on appropriate odds for each half or the entire match. Each bookmaker will have its own rules when betting on soccer, so you just need to follow them to play healthily to increase your chances of winning.

How to calculate football Over/Under odds

To be able to win when applying football Over/Under odds in each match, players need to understand how to calculate the correct and appropriate odds. Specifically, some popular bets and calculations today.

Over/Under Odds 1.5

This is also known as the 1:1/2 or 1.5 bet and is usually used in rounds, rather than the whole match. In there:

  • The person who bets on Over wins money when the score after 1 round is >2.
  • The person who bets Under wins when the total score is 0 or 1.

Over/Under Odds 1.75

In the Over/Under 1.75 bet (1.75 or 1.5 – 2) it will be divided into 2 main cases:

  • The person who bets on Over wins all the money if the score after the match is 3, half the money if the winning score is 2.
  • The person who bets on Under wins the entire bet if the score is 0 or 1, and will lose half the amount if the score is 2.

Over/Under bet 2 balls

For this case, it will be divided into 3 common cases as follows:

  • If the score is >2 then Over wins.
  • If the total score is 1 or 0, the Under wins.
  • If the total score is 2, both players will tie and the house will refund the money.

Over/Under bet 2.5 goals

Over/Under 2.5 (2 1/2 or 2.5) has 2 interpretations as follows:

  • Over wins if the total number of goals scored is >3.
  • The person betting on Under wins if the total score at the end of the match is 2 or 1, 0.

Over/Under bet 2.75 balls

If you are still wondering what Over/Under football is like, then Over/Under 2.75 (2.75 or 2.5-3) will have the following cases:

  • The player on Over will win, if the total score at the end of the match is > 4, win ½ of the bet if the total score is 3.
  • On the contrary, the player on the Under side will win if the total score at the end of the match is 2 or <2, and lose half the amount if the starting point is 3.

Over/Under bet 2.25 goals

Over/Under 2.25 (2.25 or 2-2.5) usually has 2 main cases:

  • Over wins if the total number of goals scored is >3, loses ½ the amount if the goal is 2 points.
  • The person betting on Under wins if the total score at the end of the match is <2, loses ½ of the money if the total score is 2.

Over/Under Odds 3

When betting Over/Under soccer 3 means the following 3 cases may appear.

  • If the total score is >3, the person who bet on Over wins.
  • Total score after the match <3, the person who bet on Under wins.
  • The total score at the end of the match is 3, which means both sides are tied and receive a refund.

Instructions for playing soccer Over/Under odds at  New88.top

New88 is currently a bookmaker providing reputable and attractive soccer betting content that many people choose. In addition to understanding how to calculate football Over/Under correctly, you need to know the process of participating in playing at the house. Specifically:
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  • Step 1: Select the New88 home page link.
  • Step 2: Go to the account login section, fill in the required information and confirm. If you don’t have an account, you can register and log in.
  • Step 3: Select the online sports section.
  • Step 4: Then, players choose the team they want to follow and participate in betting.
  • Step 5: Deposit money into your account.
  • Step 6: Choose the appropriate Over/Under bet and place a bet.

Experience playing Over/Under soccer, win big, win immediately

To win easily and have a convenient way to play Over/Under football, in addition to understanding the betting steps at a reputable bookmaker. You also need to know some more experiences to help you get closer to victory. Specifically:

Absolutely do not go all-in when playing

Choosing the Over/Under bet in soccer smart means that the player absolutely does not play “all-in”. Because this not only makes it easy for you to lose everything, but also to lose many future opportunities if your betting capital runs out completely.

If during the betting process you find yourself losing continuously, you should stop betting and change your strategy, choose another match or bet. After that, return to Over/Under betting to continue trying your luck.

Choose the appropriate Over/Under bet and place reasonable bets

Currently, there are many different odds in Over/Under betting, you need to consider carefully to choose the right bet. At the same time, learning how to divide capital appropriately for each match will also help you earn a decent profit. You should prioritize betting within the odds and at a safe level to get more than 65% of winnings.

Follow betting information

With the desire to bring you a lot of information and have a smooth process of participating in football Over/Under. Bookmakers and many football news sites provide betting information before the match. You can research reputable websites and refer to them to get an overview of the two teams.

Besides, players can also summarize the scores of previous matches. Makes team selection and betting much more accurate and easier.

Observe the two teams before placing a bet

One of the methods to help you always win over Over/Under in football is to observe the form and playing style of both teams. From there, you will see the team with more potential and choose a reasonable bet, bringing you an attractive final reward.


With the above article learn aboutFootball Over/Under It can be seen that this is a quite popular bet in the sport of kings. Hopefully, readers will get useful information about the concept, calculation and how to play this type of bet at the house. New88 . From there, find the right type of bet based on the experiences we shared above. Don’t forget to visit the page sport  New88 to update more useful football betting information!

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